TXSmartSchools Results 2019

Using both academic progress and spending levels at Texas' school districts and individual school campuses, each district and campus has been assigned a Smart Score of one to five stars, indicating its success in combining cost-effective spending with the achievement of measurable student academic progress compared with their fiscal peers. Five stars reflects the strongest relative progress combined with the lowest relative spending.

Our school and district comparison calculations use three-year averages to get more stable and persistent measures with less year-to-year volatility. Thus, the 2019 TXSmartSchools results are based on data from the 2017-2018, 2016-2017, and 2015-2016 school years.

Five-Star Districts
May 2019

There were 51 five-star charter and public school districts in 2019. Another 100 districts earned four-and-a-half stars. Of the 51 five-star districts, 27 held that rank last year as well, and 13 earned it in all four years.

2019 Five-Star Districts Charter County Enrolled
Accelerated Intermediate Academy Yes Harris 269
Arlington Classics Academy Yes Tarrant 1,532
Beta Academy Yes Harris 549
Burnham Wood Charter School District Yes El Paso 830
Calvin Nelms Charter Schools Yes Harris 311
Chaparral Star Academy Yes Travis 381
Cityscape Schools Yes Dallas 740
Comstock ISD Val Verde 212
Conroe ISD Montgomery 61,323
Coppell ISD Dallas 12,577
Cypress-Fairbanks ISD Harris 116,138
Ezzell ISD Lavaca 102
Flatonia ISD Fayette 564
Frisco ISD Collin 58,278
Galena Park ISD Harris 22,565
George Gervin Academy Yes Bexar 1,357
Hardin-Jefferson ISD Hardin 2,237
Harmony School Of Excellence Yes Harris 4,993
Harmony School Of Science - Houston Yes Harris 3,432
Harmony Science Academy Yes Harris 3,434
Hedley ISD Donley 103
Houston Gateway Academy Inc Yes Harris 2,265
Hurst-Euless-Bedford ISD Tarrant 23,364
Imagine International Academy of North Texas Yes Collin 1,341
Kipp Inc Charter Yes Harris 14,397
Knippa ISD Uvalde 455
La Gloria ISD Jim Wells 130
Lake Travis ISD Travis 10,382
Lancaster ISD Dallas 7,365
Leggett ISD Polk 179
Meridian World School LLC Yes Williamson 1,594
Mumford ISD Robertson 616
New Home ISD Lynn 446
Pearland ISD Brazoria 21,559
Princeton ISD Collin 4,368
Prosper ISD Collin 12,081
Santa Gertrudis ISD Kleberg 753
Ser-Ninos Charter School Yes Harris 1,107
Shiner ISD Lavaca 649
Stephen F Austin State University Yes Nacogdoches 255
Sunnyvale ISD Dallas 1,807
Tolar ISD Hood 786
Tomball ISD Harris 15,884
Treetops School International Yes Tarrant 381
Trinity Basin Preparatory Yes Dallas 3,151
Ume Preparatory Academy Yes Dallas 790
Universal Academy Yes Dallas 2,160
Uplift Education Yes Dallas 17,291
Van Alstyne ISD Grayson 1,598
Wylie ISD Collin 15,718
Wylie ISD Taylor 4,405

Like independent school districts, some charter operators run only one campus, while others run multiple campuses. All charter operators are considered school districts for the purposes of the TXSmartSchools analysis.

Five-Star Campuses
May 2019

There were 258 five-star charter and public school campuses in 2019. Another 585 campuses earned four-and-a-half stars. Of the 258 five-star campuses, 127 held that rank last year as well, and 53 earned it in all four years.

You can use the Apples2Apples comparison tool to list them all.

Fiscal Peers

Texas school districts function in widely varying cost environments. Making direct financial comparisons among them would not be fair or appropriate. Instead, this study evaluates each district and campus against those identified as “fiscal peers”, districts and campuses that operate in a similar cost environment, are of similar size and serve similar students. Many factors influence the costs that a district faces:

  • Cost of Living (Comparable Wage Index)
  • School District Size
  • Student Demographics